MycroTools® TestGuard® 5.0

MycroTools® TestGuard® is the heart of our Test Automation Framework. This powerful software helps you operate and run basic test automation tasks, for example the remaining bus simulation, the logging of data or the accessing of laboratory equipment. It is developed mainly in .NET (C#) and requires Visual Studio 2015 to use (Visual Studio Community Edition or higher).

The most important jobs of TestGuard® are:
  • Creating and executing test sequences (sequential, parallel or networked)
  • Logging of data (e.g. CAN, MOST, text messages)
  • Tool for visualizing bus messages with filtering possibilities
  • Remaining bus simulation (CAN)
  • Sequence analyzer for monitoring of message sequences (e.g. MOST or CAN)
  • Exploiting multi-core CPU architectures for parallel execution
  • Serial bus access with logging
  • Interface to the IEEE488 bus (GPIB) for accessing laboratory instruments
While testing, TestGuard® controls different hardware, for example:
  • CAN-Interface
  • Ethernet-Interface
  • MOST-Interface
  • Diagnostic-Interface
  • Frame-Grabber with object and text recognition (OCR)
  • Multimeter
  • Battery Simulator and Arbitrary Power Supply
  • Oscilloscope
  • Own instruments can be implemented based on the delivered classes
Examples for MOST tests:
  • Logging of all control mssages (spy)
  • Checking the MOST sequence charts
  • Allocate/Deallocate testing
  • Central-Registry testing
  • Transmitting of sender lists (e.g. TV-Tuner, DAB)
  • Sending of control messages from the XML MOST function catalog
  • Diagnosis over MOST
Remaining Bus Simulation:
  • Simulation of the Ignition Switch Module
  • Simulation of the Central Control Unit for automation
  • Simulation of the air condition / comfort seat / door modules / display
  • Deactivation of electronic driving blockade for testing purposes
Controlling the laboratory equipment:
  • Battery simulator: Programming of various motor start curves
  • Oscilloscope: Setting of triggers and automatic measuring
  • Multimeter: Measuring of voltage, current and temperature
  • Windows 10 (64bit) or Windows 7 (64bit)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Vector VN16XX, CANCaseXL, CANBoardXL or CANCardXL (optional)
  • Vector VN5640 und VN5610 (optional)
  • Vector VN2640 MOST150 device including the MOST Analysis Library (optional)
  • GPIB-Interface from National-Instrument (optional)

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