MycroTools® Diagnostic Interface

By using our diagnostic interface and MycroTools® MyGuine® you will be able to setup and automate complex diagnostic testing scenarios in a matter of minutes. You can create Diagnostic-Trouble-Code-Tests, complete Service-Tests or Variant-Coding-Tests and periodically execute all of these tests across every release of your control units.

We incorporated a diagnostic MCD 3D-Server based on ISO-22900-3 into MycroTools® MyGuine®. As diagnostic database we read directly from ODX- and PDX-files based on version 2.2. The imported diagnostic services are divided up into single control unit variants and service groups. Simply drag&drop the Diagnostic-TestStep into a TestPlan, parameterize it and execute it right away.

The advantages are:
  • Standard Diagnostic interface based on ISO-22900-3 (MCD-3D Server)
  • Parallel execution of diagnostic services within MyGuine® is intuitive and easy
  • Complex tests can be executed automatically
  • Examination of all results is straight forward and entirely comprehensive

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